Theatre Etiquette (Part One) – Familiar Faces in the Audience

So you’re on stage. Concentration levels are high, nerves are soaring – and, suddenly, you spot something. There is a Familiar Face in the audience. For a brief moment, your concentration lapses a little and you find yourself wondering whether you look okay – are your buttons definitely done up? Are they smiling because they’re enjoying the show, or because you’ve just spectacularly messed up the choreography? It is hard to tell.
Once these initial thoughts have flown disruptively through your mind, you are able to get back into the zone. You’re concentrating again; your nerves are soaring a little higher than before, but you enjoy that feeling. Then comes the real question: what is the etiquette now?
To read my full article, please visit its home at London Theatre Direct:–Part-One—-Familiar-Faces-in-the-Audience.aspx

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