Reviews: Cats; Harlequinade / All On Her Own; The Illusionists

I’ve been rather lucky over the last couple of weeks, having seen some great London shows. The links to my reviews of these are all below – enjoy!



Cats At The London Palladium

Cats at the London Palladium is a musical unlike any other. The show is based on the poems of T.S. Eliot, and brought to life by the songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber and the choreography of Gillian Lynne. Catsdoes not in any way follow the trends of a standard musical: it is led by style, not plot, and at times seemed more like a show-case than a show. Whilst the music sometimes jarred a little, the choreography of this production was spectacular. If you are looking for an absolute visual feast, then Cats is most definitely the musical for you. If you are looking for more traditional West End music and a clear plot, you perhaps ought to to go elsewhere.

To read this review, see the below link:–Cats-At-The-London-Palladium.aspx



Harlequinade / All On Her Own

Harlequinade / All On Her Own is a fabulous double bill, directed by Kenneth Branagh and playing at theGarrick Theatre. Opening with an emotionally engaging piece (All On Her Own) and then moving to a light comedy (Harlequinade), this production stands out against self-indulgence and proves that you don’t necessarily need epic proportions to make a superb West End show.

This review, in full, can be accessed here:–Harlequinade—All-On-Her-Own.aspx



The Illusionists at the Shaftesbury Theatre

The Illusionists at the Shaftesbury Theatre is a fun display of various tricks and illusions, interspersed with sporadic moments of genius. Whilst sometimes the staging comes across as a very over-the-top and a little tacky, some of the magic is incredible.

And my review of The Illusionists has been published here:–The-Illusionists-at-the-Shaftesbury-Theatre.aspx

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