The Art of Improv.

Ode To Improvisation

You’ve mastered the art
Of learning a part,
Now those days are gone;
You’re on,
And it’s all about seizing
‘The Moment’.

To read the whole of my (first!) poem, please visit the link below:



Review: Showstopper! You Don’t Want To Be That Person Who Didn’t See This Show

Showstopper!, currently playing in London as well as on tour, is an entirely improvised musical. Let me clarify: it really is entirely improvised, and it really is a proper musical. I didn’t know that this concept could work, but it did – to an absolutely exceptional level. Showstopper is infinitely impressive, and extremely enjoyable. You don’t want to be that person who didn’t see this show.

To read this review, please visit this link:–You-Don-t-Want-To-Be-That-Person-Who-Didn-t-See-This-Show.aspx

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